SAF Life in Action

Check here regularly for monthly updates on what our amazing community is doing to serve one another, to impact the world with the resources in their hands and to challenge the injustice of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in our world today! This is hope in action, because #itstartswithme!

NOVEMBER CELEBRATION:  Fall Bling 2018 Gala and More

One of our biggest and most exciting fundraising events every year is the Annual Fall Bling Gala in downtown Vancouver. We hope that those of you who attended enjoyed the evening and had the opportunity learn more about the SA Foundation and our dreams and goals for 2019. This year’s event raised over $40,000! This a testament to your generosity and your love for the young women and children in our care. THANK YOU!!

Lots of gifted people volunteered their talents and energy to make this event such a huge success. Serenading us once again through the evening were two outstanding singers, Vancouver’s very own Peggy Busch and Alex Crabtree. We were treated to a moving dramatization of three stories of young women that are all too typical in our global programs. Considering that these were not their own stories, the volunteer team of actresses, Sia Foryoh, Kate Boutilier and Aliya Boulanger, presented a compelling, heartfelt performance. Ryan Bolton and Joel McCarthy returned to emcee the fashion show, entertaining us with their down-to-earth humour and self-effacing charm. Showcasing the breath-taking jewelry made by our young women in the Skills Development Program were a team of well-poised models, directed by Marie V. Sharp: Bernie Stevens, Emma Barratt, Nikki West, Aadila Dosani, Janice Benna, Melanie Wilson, Terran Milne, Daryl Fretz, Rebecca Sangwais, Madison Stefanucci, Tammi Derkson, Sarah Martinson, Tiana Iliac and Kaitlyn C. Anita Lee and the Helmet Salon team are to thank for being our fashion show stylists and makeup artists: Bonnie Chan, Tammy Lim, Anna Keomany, Eunice Guo, Margaret Lai of Margaret Lai Makeup and hairstylist Mona Leung. THANK YOU to all of you for making this evening such a huge success.

Our gifted emcee, Lee, and our captivating presenters, Steve and Melonie, did an excellent job communicating what we do, what we’re planning for 2019, and how we depend on your help. THANK YOU to each one of you! We couldn’t imagine our team without you.

The following sponsors pulled out all the stops to make the evening top notch: The Marriott Pinnacle Hotel and their very kind and helpful staff, Yaletown Photography, the Flower Factory, Ruffled Rose and Butter Studios.  

What would we do without the volunteer coordinating team, who worked very hard, for many months, to put this event together? We’d rather not have to think about that. THANK YOU Carla, Naphtali, Tricia, Caitlin, Sandra, Marie, Winnie and Lee!

At this event we hosted the soft launch of our Global Wonders Home Line and the biggest sellers were the place mats and cutlery holders, which gives us an indication of what to produce for the Spring 2019 line. In fact, a store in Surrey has requested 100 sets of them to be made to sell in their store! So check in with Global Wonders online regularly to see the roll out of this line and more!

Part of our community of support is a good number of churches. This month we’d like to highlight three churches, who designated offerings and a sale in support of the SA Foundation. They are Fellowship Canadian Reformed Church, all the way in Burlington, Ontario, Grace Church in Abbotsford, BC, and Surrey Covenant Reformed Church in Cloverdale, BC. All three of these churches are new supporters of the SA Foundation and were quite easily convinced that the work we’re doing is necessary and worthy of their support. THANK YOU!!

The Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is a God who exists eternally in community and who has also created us human beings to thrive, be our best and do our best in community, with God and with each other. Thank you for being part of this beautiful community and for being champions for freedom! The young women and children that we serve are a living testimony to the great things that God is doing through loving and caring people like you.


The SA Foundation truly appreciates the gifts of kindness, service and community that so many of our supporters give us each month. These take the form of service in the offices, day program and houses as well as donations of materials, items and financial support that  work to serve in unique corporate and individual ways.  This is SAF Life in Action and we are privileged to share with you some of what our community has been up to this month.

In October we once again experienced love in action from many of you. If you helped host, volunteer or attended the fundraiser Her Journey to a Life Rewritten’ at Langley Canadian Reformed Church we want to say THANK YOU.

A special thanks to Pastor William den Hollander, John and Fannie Scholtens, Bram and Joanne Vegter, Grace Anema and Mary MacDougal (the organizational team) who worked to make this event happen and created such a fun evening! The ‘Her Journey to  Life Rewritten’ event enables those who attend to discover more of ‘Her’ experience and challenges through the stages of recovery after sexual exploitation and trafficking. It also enables those who attend to help meet ‘Her’ needs in very real and tangible ways. Our thanks also go out to Jonathan Ketchum, Caitlan Kaufmann, Brendyn McKillop, Cassandra Lechance, Rebekah Pol, Arnold and Valerie Sikkema who volunteered on the day of the event to fill in many of the jobs that make the evening a success.

Over $10,700 was raised that evening towards the support of the women and children in our Vancouver Project. We are truly grateful for your support and desire to be involved. Thanks also to those of you who signed up for more information on how you can volunteer with us.

We so appreciate all of you committed Champions. You are so needed! Thank you from all of us here!


Here at the SA Foundation, we so appreciate the beautiful gift of community; consisting of individuals, families and businesses, when they band together to help one another out of the overflow of their generous hearts and desire to serve one another.  This is SAF Life in action and we are privileged to share with you what our community has been up to this month.

September was an exceptional month where we truly saw love in action. If you helped host, volunteer or attended the fundraiser ‘Her Journey to a Life Rewritten’ at Christ Covenant Church in Langley, THANK YOU.

A special thanks to Gary and Nicole Vanderveen, for making this event possible and so fun! The community gathered around the shared goal of discovering more of ‘Her’ experience and challenges through the stages of recovery after sexual exploitation and trafficking, and sought to meet ‘Her’ needs in a very real and tangible way. We raised over $8000 that evening towards supporting the women and children in our Vancouver and Nepal Projects. We are truly grateful for all your support and continued desire to be involved with so many of you signing up for more information on how you can volunteer with us too.

You committed Champions are so needed and appreciated!

So that this ‘Tour’ could take place in Alberta too and reach so many more communities, Chris Chivers from ‘Identity Ink’ gifted the SA Foundation with the ability to print and to replicate the material needed, as well as cover all the costs! What a true Champion, helping us to spread the message within Alberta, of the hope and healing available to women and their children worldwide through the SA Program Model. We also want to highlight Jesse Fher from ‘Identity Ink’ who has gifted us with the talents to meet our graphic design needs in this season. We have been so impressed by your skill and also your heart to help us in this way.

Here at the SA office it is always fun and the rooms are full of laughter and light. However, we soon realized with the days getting darker, that our lighting was in serious need of an update. The amazing ‘Design Lighting’ came to our rescue to illuminate our lives once again, and donated all the supplies we needed to work in clarity of vision again! Then Josh Lodder and Josh Vandeburgt stepped into volunteer their time and expertise in fitting all the bulbs, a technical challenge for sure! This amazing team work has made such a difference to our work environment.

We love to celebrate and praise our Champions, so Thank you from all of us here! Know that we have done a happy dance because of each one of you!

If you have desire and the resources to put your love into action and want more information on how you can serve the needs we have at the SA Foundation, please contact us at: