SAF Life in Action

Check here regularly for monthly updates on what our amazing community is doing to serve one another, to impact the world with the resources in their hands and to challenge the injustice of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in our world today! This is hope in action, because #itstartswithme!


AUGUST: Gifts from a Different Giver

If there’s one thing that we have experienced over the years at the SA Foundation, it is that Jesus truly does not give as the world gives (John 14:27), but is infinitely more generous and gracious in his giving. He is tuned into our needs more than anyone. Not only that. He also has the power and ability to provide for us from his infinite supply. After all, he owns and rules all things! (Psalm 24:1)

We witnessed the work of this ‘Different Giver’ quite tangibly, again, in August. Tenth Church in Vancouver, which has long been a faithful supporter of the SA Foundation, gave a large donation toward our Skill Development Program, enabling us to fund this key dimension of our total program. We also received another substantial grant from the Lotte & John Hecht Foundation that will likewise help us in our program delivery.

Typically, the summer months are challenging months for non-profit organizations. We’ve been reminded again, through these very timely gifts, that our Lord and Giver is gracious and powerful in supplying us with whatever we need to care for the women and children in our care.

Recognizing God’s generosity through these generous givers and each one of you, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Through you, we’ve truly been blessed with a good summer and healthy, encouraging start to another season of service!

JULY: Summer Blessings

We spend a fair bit of energy in the summer planning for the coming season. We have lots on the go, both locally and globally. It is a great blessing, then, when our supporting community comes up with unique and unexpected reminders that we’re not alone in the work that we’re doing to fight human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

In July, we were blessed with help from a team at YWAM. A large group offered their services to do a thorough cleaning of our first stage house, from top to bottom, and what a splendid job they did! They got a lot done in only a few hours. As they say: many hands make light work. Thank you, YWAM, for helping us out in this way. Having a pleasant, clean home for the women and children in our care is important to us, so both they and we greatly appreciate your kindness.

Christ Covenant Church in Langley, BC held a special collection for us in the month of July, raising almost $1,700! Thank you for thinking about us and blessing us with this wonderful mid-summer surprise!

Thank you, dear supporters, for thinking about us, praying for us, and sharing some of your summer blessings with us.


JUNE CELEBRATION: Blessings of Community

Almost everything that we do here at the SA Foundation depends on community. We know from long experience, and our participants continually observe, that lasting healing and transformation can only happen within the context of a healthy, thriving community. With this in mind, we’d like to express our thanks to some of the people who made significant contributions to our community in June.

First of all, a big thank you to all our monthly donors, for your faithful, monthly support. Your monthly gifts help to make our program sustainable on a daily, monthly and annual basis. Our goal is to have enough monthly donors to take care of all our monthly cash flow, so that we can devote as much time as possible to delivering, expanding and multiplying the SA Program Model. You have brought us a long way toward that goal!

Thank you to everyone who responded to our Spring Newsletter by sending in donations to meet our ongoing needs. These gifts have helped us to continue offering quality programs, both locally and globally, also by addressing specific, pressing needs that arise from time to time.

Already generous monthly donors, Bill and Daphne surprised us with an additional large and generous gift which will help us greatly as we seek to close out our fiscal year in a healthy financial state. We thank God for your Christ-like heart of love, mercy and grace for the women and children in our care. You have been a source of great encouragement and blessing to us, not only in your giving, but also through the interest that you have shown in the SA Foundation and your encouraging words to us!

The Vancouver First Church of the Nazarene, which has been a long-time supporter of the SA Foundation in a variety of ways, continues to allow us the free use of their building for our regular SAF gatherings. This upstairs room, which is spacious, welcoming and well-appointed for our purposes, and easily accessible to our growing community, is a great blessing. At each gathering, all participants are given an opportunity to give an offering that we pass on to the church in gratitude for their hospitality and kindness. Please join us in praying that this gathering will be a blessing as  we endeavour to remain a community of support and encouragement, both to those who are in the program and those who have moved on.

Two of our directors were invited to a wonderful summer party put on for the volunteers at the Inn for Women in Surrey, which regularly gives a portion of their profits to the SA Foundation. During this fun gathering, the first donation was made to our new SA Foundation Building Fund. We are in great need of more space, for housing, for our class room and daycare space, office space for our staff, room for our training and internship center, for Global Wonders production, etc. With this donation, the seed has been sown! It’s the way of God’s Kingdom. Great things can grow from the smallest of seeds. Thank you, ladies, for planting this seed!

Finally, our participants were blessed with a communications seminar, on two consecutive Fridays, by a tremendously gifted and kind communicator, Corlea, a member of St. Andrew’s & St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church. This church offered to provide lunches for the women on both days, to give it the feel of a professional conference. They loved it! This is just another example of the importance of the community support that we depend on and are so blessed by.


MAY CELEBRATION: Doing Greater Things

One of the greatest blessings for the followers of Jesus is the privilege of being able to be part of his ongoing work in this world, and doing even greater things than have been done previously.

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.–Jesus in John 14:12

Jesus’ ascension into heaven, where he now is with his Father, does not prevent him from doing great things like he did while on earth. In fact, it enables him to do even greater things through us, his disciples. With our focus on succession this month, we find great encouragement knowing that he will equip us for the work he has commissioned us to do, so that we are able to do these greater things that he’s promised we would be able to do.

This ability is due, in no small part, to the faithful support of many people like you. From time to time, people will raise funds for us by putting on events or by asking others to donate towards a certain need within our organization.

One example is a young girl, Sydnee, who regularly volunteers in the daycare. She raised several hundreds of dollars with the help of family, friends and church, so that the nursery could be updated. With this generously donated money, worn out toys and furniture could replaced, and new books and games could be purchased. A cheerful, educational and stimulating environment is important for the babies and toddlers our nursery staff care for every day, while their moms are busy with the day program. Thank you, Sydnee!

Eastertide with Bach, a beautiful concert organized by Angelina VanDyke at two separate venues, is another example. Angelina was joined by musicians Eric Hominick (piano), Plonia Paetkau (flute), Lorin Friesen (violin), Marina Lodder (violin)  and Kent Dykstra (violin). We say a big thank you to each of these musicians for offering your musical gifts to raise over $1,400, to those who attended and generously gave, and to the churches which hosted these events, Christ Covenant Church in Langley and Willoughby Heights Canadian Reformed Church.

APRIL CELEBRATION:  Delighting in the Golden Rule

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.–Jesus in Matthew 7:12

As we mentioned here, this ‘Golden Rule’ is what we are committed to living by at Servants Anonymous Foundation. One of the tangible ways we are seeking to live out this rule at SAF is by helping our international teams replicate in their own cities what we are doing in Vancouver, using the SA Program Model. We do whatever we can to help our partners in  underdeveloped and developing countries offer the same level of care and attention to the women and their children as we are able to offer. For this purpose, part of our Vancouver team visited Nepal in April. While there, they were able to offer encouragement to the staff and participants of the SA program there, and also to begin training our experienced, hard-working partners there, over the next few years, to become a branch of the SA Fondation World Services Division in South East Asia. We praise God for both the opportunity and the success of this trip and thank you for your prayers and gifts which enable us to provide this ongoing support and capacity building at the international level.

This is a huge milestone for us at the SA Foundation, one that is worthy of celebration! We thank you, our supporters and champions for freedom, for helping us achieve this milestone. There will be an opportunity for you to help us celebrate God’s blessing on our Nepal team at this year’s fall gala in Vancouver. Stay tuned for more about this festive event in the coming months!

Another reason for celebration, as we look back on April, is that we were able to put on two more awareness- and fund-raising events. Her Journey to a Life Rewritten is an audio-tour presentation that continues to be well-received wherever we put it on. A big thank you goes to Mountainview Christian Fellowship who raised almost $6,000, with the promise of more still on its way, for the local Vancouver program. Thank you, Pastor Vic Dias and hosting team organizer Nancy Martin, along with all the others from Mountainview who assisted them in advertising the event, setting up the venue, preparing and serving an abundance of delicious international foods that represent SAF’s global reach, cleaning up afterwards, and many other details. You did an amazing job hosting an overflowing, engaged crowd in a beautifully unique building!

Ladner Christian Reformed Church hosted the audio-tour as well, raising well over $12,000, designated to the training and development of our partners who are working hard to develop and implement the SA Program Model for Africa, including our team in Nepal who are being trained to serve as our training center for Africa. We were blessed by the enthusiastic support and help of Pastor Ernst DeVries and his wife Winnie as they led a team from this church to host Her Journey in their spacious and welcoming facility. One of the unique highlights of this evening was the live performance in music and song by a native African, Asifiwe, accompanied by Marion. Especially touching and appropriate was a heartfelt and moving rendition of Amazing Grace, since it was written by John Newton, who was a slave trader until God dramatically and powerfully opened his eyes and heart to the atrocity of slavery. Modern-day slavery through human trafficking and sexual exploitation is another atrocity that must be ended, so this song serves as a powerful inspiration to carry on the mission of setting captives free!

Thank you to everyone who attended these events, giving generously of your time, attention and money, and to all of you who support the work that we are doing both locally and globally. We thank God for you and pray that he will bless you for your care and generosity! You are helping us be servants and instruments of God to set captives free, to bring healing and hope to them, and to allow them too to experience God’s amazing grace in Christ Jesus!


MARCH CELEBRATION:  Caring through Sharing

The core value that we focussed on in the month of March was Unity, a gift from God to and through his followers, that flows from the unity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Those who are united to God enjoy the blessing of unity with his other followers and seek to bless the world with the delightful fruit of that unity, so that others too may be drawn into the marvellous, endless blessings of God. We’ve truly experienced that unity, in no small part, through the gifts of God that you, our supporters have shared with us, so that we may continue to serve the women and children in our care, both locally and globally. Talk about the Gospel in action!

There are many ways that churches and individuals help us carry out our calling. The Vancouver First Church of the Nazarene, which has been a long-time supporter of the SA Foundation in a variety of ways, has generously offered their building for the use of regular SAF gatherings. Thank you so much for your kind hospitality, a true affirmation and reminder to us of God’s provision and care for our every need, in this instance, a wonderful space to meet together for SAF community events.

Others share by giving gifts that help us better carry out our daily tasks at the SA Foundation. Some of those tasks, such as education and video-conferencing, require good quality TV monitors. We offer a big thank you to the couple who gave us two large-screen TV’s that will be installed in our office, one in the classroom and one in a room dedicated to video-conferencing.

We began the month by having part of our team travel down the I-5 to Portland, Oregon to put on Her Journey to A Life Rewritten at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral, at an Anti-Human Trafficking Conference to which we were invited, to share what we at the SA Foundation are doing to bring hope and healing to those who have been enslaved. Chaleen was the driving force behind this event, a true Champion for Freedom. She and her team did a tremendous job, not only organizing the conference, but also helping us put on the audio-tour during the conference. Thank you, Chaleen! Relatedly, we are grateful to Metropolitan Nikitas of Dardenellia for traveling to Portland to host this event, along with Father Paul Paris, Father Christos Kalaitzis, and the members of the cathedral. Their kind hospitality and keen interest in the work of the SA Foundation was a great encouragement to us and we look forward to a growing relationship. The army of volunteers at the church who contributed in one way or another to make this event a success are too numerous to list. The men of the church provided food for the day, and a host of volunteers including a group of young people helped us with setting up, leading people through the audio-tour, and cleaning up afterwards, as well as helping us with many other details. Thank you to each one of you!

A total of $8,311.73 was raised specifically for the SA Foundation at this event! A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended, generously donated, bought Global Wonders Products of Hope, became monthly donors, and contributed their time and talents in any other way.

In addition to the nearly $7,000 that Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church raised by hosting Her Journey to a Life Rewritten in February, this church blessed us with the proceeds of an additional offering of $3,000 to reach their fundraising goal!

Thank you to all of you! We can accomplish much more together, by the unity that flows from God, than we could ever accomplish by ourselves.


FEBRUARY CELEBRATION:  The Gift of Community

We wouldn’t be able to do what we do here at the SA Foundation for the women and children in our care without the continual help and support of many. We’d like to celebrate the following individuals and churches for the generous support they offered in February.

Woon Ai and Victor have been faithful donors and supporters of the SA Foundation for many years. This month, they provided extra funds so that we can bring part of our Nepali team to Canada and a potential leader from Nigeria for training in the fall. Relatedly, Elizabeth and her mother have generously given extra funds toward capacity building, helping our Nepali project become a training center for Africa. This capacity-building will be started by leaders of SAF in April, with ongoing training for a full year. Thank you so much for your faithful support and great generosity!

Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church hosted another event for us, Her Journey to a Life Rewritten, and raised $6,791.24! In addition to this amount, the proceeds of a Sunday offering are also in the mail. A big thank you to all those who helped organize and pull off this event! Mekayla, with the help of Rebekah, Amy and Corinne, formed the organizational team, coordinated all the volunteers, and looked after most of the planning details. A big thanks also to Alanna, Josie, Hannah and her sister, Kathleen, Jacquie, Pearl and Rochelle for helping with set-up the day before the event. On the afternoon and evening of the event, we also had the additional help of Celia and Alec. Food and drinks were prepared and served by Corrinne and Celia. Ann and Linda also brought food for the evening. Great job, ladies! And what would we have done without the technical help of Mindert, who helped with setting up the audio-visual equipment, making sure that everything would work without a glitch! Pastor Rob, too, helped us by encouraging the participation and involvement of the congregation, and being present on the evening of the event. Everything from food preparation to decoration of rooms–even live music by Mekayla and Amy–made for a great event.

A big thank you also goes to everyone who attended, showed interest in the work we’re doing, and gave generously of their time and gifts. Through your gifts, and the addition of even more monthly donors, God is enabling us to do the work to which he has called us here at the SA Foundation: helping women who have escaped human trafficking and sexual exploitation, and their children. In this way, you are equipping us with the resources to fulfill Christ’s calling to his church “to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke.” (Isa 58:6)

We also received a donation from Ladner Christian Reformed Church from an offering they gathered for us in the amount of $2,097. We’re also thrilled that they, too, have committed to hosting the “Her Journey” fundraising event in April! Click here to register. We’d love to see you there. If you’d like to host this event in your church, let us know, we’d be delighted to have this opportunity! Contact or for more information.

As you can see, we have many reasons to celebrate God’s provision for our organization through you, our committed and generous supporters, our champions for freedom. Your love and kindness is bringing blessing to women and their children every day, blessing that will have a ripple effect that reaches far and wide–out from their lives and families, communities and cities, and into those of many others.


JANUARY CELEBRATION:  Old Guys and New Beginnings

The new year began, once again, with a bang. Actually, with a splash! This year marks the 10 Year Anniversary of The Calgary Icebreaker Polar Dip. The 2019 Icebreaker was a huge success, with over 150 Dipsters, over 700 individual donations, and over $95,000 given and more still on its way! A big THANK YOU to the Old Guys in Action, Ross, Bernie and Naomi, for all the work they’ve put into this event, to all the Dipsters and everyone who donated! Thanks to all of you, this remains one of our biggest and most popular fundraising events every year.

We wish you could witness the transformation, hope and expectation in the lives of the women in our care and their children. These are the miracles that we get to witness on a daily basis, wherever our programs are offered, here in Canada and globally. You may be confident that your hard earned and generously shared gifts will be fully directed toward the flourishing of these young women and their children.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks for Riverpark Church Fellowship Hall, AB for hosting the event ‘Her Journey To A Life Rewritten’.  This was the first event of this kind in Alberta, in 2018. We were so thankful to see our Champions for Freedom jump in, get involved and make this night a great success. With your support we raised over $7,000 for the women and children we serve. We thank you for your generous hearts and desire to see Her life rewritten! You are all incredible Champions for Freedom!

We also want to celebrate the amazing committed Champions, who donate monthly in support of the organisation. Inn For Women, Surrey BC, are a group of women committed to mercy and justice in their community and desire to share the proceeds from their store to help women in need. They also gave a very generous Christmas gift of $1500. What a delight to have you journey alongside us month by month. You truly are helping to rewrite our women’s stories. Visit their Facebook for more information.

Redeemed with Purpose Jewelry, are an amazing community that produce beautiful pieces to raise support for our women and children worldwide. This fantastic group are committed to support SA Foundation and donate their proceeds regularly. We are touched by your hearts desire to help sustain our women through their restoration process, thank you.

Langley Canadian Reformed Church designated their Christmas offering to SA Foundation, raising almost $6,000 in addition to the over $9,000 they raised at Her Journey to A Life Rewritten in October. They managed to surpass their fundraising goal of $15,000 for the Vancouver and Nepal programs. Thank you!

In January, we hosted another Volunteer Training Day. Volunteers provide valuable support to our staff and participants. Thank you to the four people who came out to learn more about what we do and how you might be able to help! To find out more, and join in the next one, email 



We were blessed beyond expectation over the month of December and during Christmas. In response to the Christmas mail-out, many of you opened your wallets as wide as your hearts by showering us with donations and gifts. The greetings, wishes and prayers that you wrote on the cards were also a great encouragement. Thank you, everyone!

The Her Story to A Life Rewritten fundraising event, hosted by Amazing Grace Church in Lethbridge and co-sponsored by Grace Reformed Church and Joyful House of Prayer, brought in close to $3,500. New City Church in Calgary hosted a Ladies’ Tea, which brought in almost $1,200 in gifts. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who came and also to everyone who organized these events. We wouldn’t have been able to make them a success without you.  THANK YOU!!

Our supporting community helped make Christmas special for the women and children in our program. Thank you to all the supporters who made it possible for us to put on a Christmas Party for the whole SA Community here in Vancouver. In particular, we thank Jackie and the folks at Smart Design Group Cd. Ltd. for all the gifts they provided for all the women and their children, including those who have graduated from our program. Pollie Wong and her Women’s Group put together beautiful, very large baskets, generously filled with delightful gifts for each of the women and their children. Wow! What a surprise they had on Christmas morning! You can probably imagine the challenge we had in hiding these gifts from them in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

As you and others support us, the women and children in our care are seeing that Christmas is not just an excuse for a holiday and not even just a celebration of an important birth long ago. It’s about God coming to be with us, making his home with us, and showing his great love for us. The impact and power of God’s grace and love is tangibly evident every day in their lives. Thank you for being our partners in communicating Christ’s love to them.

NOVEMBER CELEBRATION:  Fall Bling 2018 Gala and More

One of our biggest and most exciting fundraising events every year is the Annual Fall Bling Gala in downtown Vancouver. We hope that those of you who attended enjoyed the evening and had the opportunity learn more about the SA Foundation and our dreams and goals for 2019. This year’s event raised over $40,000! This a testament to your generosity and your love for the young women and children in our care. THANK YOU!!

Lots of gifted people volunteered their talents and energy to make this event such a huge success. Serenading us once again through the evening were two outstanding singers, Vancouver’s very own Peggy Busch and Alex Crabtree. We were treated to a moving dramatization of three stories of young women that are all too typical in our global programs. Considering that these were not their own stories, the volunteer team of actresses, Sia Foryoh, Kate Boutilier and Aliya Boulanger, presented a compelling, heartfelt performance. Ryan Bolton and Joel McCarthy returned to emcee the fashion show, entertaining us with their down-to-earth humour and self-effacing charm. Showcasing the breath-taking jewelry made by our young women in the Skills Development Program were a team of well-poised models, directed by Marie V. Sharp: Bernie Stevens, Emma Barratt, Nikki West, Aadila Dosani, Janice Benna, Melanie Wilson, Terran Milne, Daryl Fretz, Rebecca Sangwais, Madison Stefanucci, Tammi Derkson, Sarah Martinson, Tiana Iliac and Kaitlyn C. Anita Lee and the Helmet Salon team are to thank for being our fashion show stylists and makeup artists: Bonnie Chan, Tammy Lim, Anna Keomany, Eunice Guo, Margaret Lai of Margaret Lai Makeup and hairstylist Mona Leung. THANK YOU to all of you for making this evening such a huge success.

Our gifted emcee, Lee, and our captivating presenters, Steve and Melonie, did an excellent job communicating what we do, what we’re planning for 2019, and how we depend on your help. THANK YOU to each one of you! We couldn’t imagine our team without you.

The following sponsors pulled out all the stops to make the evening top notch: The Marriott Pinnacle Hotel and their very kind and helpful staff, Yaletown Photography, the Flower Factory, Ruffled Rose and Butter Studios.  

What would we do without the volunteer coordinating team, who worked very hard, for many months, to put this event together? We’d rather not have to think about that. THANK YOU Carla, Naphtali, Tricia, Caitlin, Sandra, Marie, Winnie and Lee!

At this event we hosted the soft launch of our Global Wonders Home Line and the biggest sellers were the place mats and cutlery holders, which gives us an indication of what to produce for the Spring 2019 line. In fact, a store in Surrey has requested 100 sets of them to be made to sell in their store! So check in with Global Wonders online regularly to see the roll out of this line and more!

Part of our community of support is a good number of churches. This month we’d like to highlight three churches, who designated offerings and a sale in support of the SA Foundation. They are Fellowship Canadian Reformed Church, all the way in Burlington, Ontario, Grace Church in Abbotsford, BC, and Surrey Covenant Reformed Church in Cloverdale, BC. All three of these churches are new supporters of the SA Foundation and were quite easily convinced that the work we’re doing is necessary and worthy of their support. THANK YOU!!

The Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is a God who exists eternally in community and who has also created us human beings to thrive, be our best and do our best in community, with God and with each other. Thank you for being part of this beautiful community and for being champions for freedom! The young women and children that we serve are a living testimony to the great things that God is doing through loving and caring people like you.


The SA Foundation truly appreciates the gifts of kindness, service and community that so many of our supporters give us each month. These take the form of service in the offices, day program and houses as well as donations of materials, items and financial support that  work to serve in unique corporate and individual ways.  This is SAF Life in Action and we are privileged to share with you some of what our community has been up to this month.

In October we once again experienced love in action from many of you. If you helped host, volunteer or attended the fundraiser Her Journey to a Life Rewritten’ at Langley Canadian Reformed Church we want to say THANK YOU.

A special thanks to Pastor William den Hollander, John and Fannie Scholtens, Bram and Joanne Vegter, Grace Anema and Mary MacDougal (the organizational team) who worked to make this event happen and created such a fun evening! The ‘Her Journey to  Life Rewritten’ event enables those who attend to discover more of ‘Her’ experience and challenges through the stages of recovery after sexual exploitation and trafficking. It also enables those who attend to help meet ‘Her’ needs in very real and tangible ways. Our thanks also go out to Jonathan Ketchum, Caitlan Kaufmann, Brendyn McKillop, Cassandra Lechance, Rebekah Pol, Arnold and Valerie Sikkema who volunteered on the day of the event to fill in many of the jobs that make the evening a success.

Over $10,700 was raised that evening towards the support of the women and children in our Vancouver Project. We are truly grateful for your support and desire to be involved. Thanks also to those of you who signed up for more information on how you can volunteer with us.

We so appreciate all of you committed Champions. You are so needed! Thank you from all of us here!


Here at the SA Foundation, we so appreciate the beautiful gift of community; consisting of individuals, families and businesses, when they band together to help one another out of the overflow of their generous hearts and desire to serve one another.  This is SAF Life in action and we are privileged to share with you what our community has been up to this month.

September was an exceptional month where we truly saw love in action. If you helped host, volunteer or attended the fundraiser ‘Her Journey to a Life Rewritten’ at Christ Covenant Church in Langley, THANK YOU.

A special thanks to Garry and Nicole Vanderveen, for making this event possible and so fun! The community gathered around the shared goal of discovering more of ‘Her’ experience and challenges through the stages of recovery after sexual exploitation and trafficking, and sought to meet ‘Her’ needs in a very real and tangible way. We raised over $8000 that evening towards supporting the women and children in our Vancouver and Nepal Projects. We are truly grateful for all your support and continued desire to be involved with so many of you signing up for more information on how you can volunteer with us too.

You committed Champions are so needed and appreciated!

So that this ‘Tour’ could take place in Alberta too and reach so many more communities, Chris Chivers from ‘Identity Inkgifted the SA Foundation with the ability to print and to replicate the material needed, as well as cover all the costs! What a true Champion, helping us to spread the message within Alberta, of the hope and healing available to women and their children worldwide through the SA Program Model. We also want to highlight Jesse Fher from ‘Identity Ink’ who has gifted us with the talents to meet our graphic design needs in this season. We have been so impressed by your skill and also your heart to help us in this way.

Here at the SA office it is always fun and the rooms are full of laughter and light. However, we soon realized with the days getting darker, that our lighting was in serious need of an update. The amazing Design Lighting’ came to our rescue to illuminate our lives once again, and donated all the supplies we needed to work in clarity of vision again! Then Josh Lodder and Josh Vandeburgt stepped into volunteer their time and expertise in fitting all the bulbs, a technical challenge for sure! This amazing team work has made such a difference to our work environment.

We love to celebrate and praise our Champions, so Thank you from all of us here! Know that we have done a happy dance because of each one of you!

If you have desire and the resources to put your love into action and want more information on how you can serve the needs we have at the SA Foundation, please contact us at: