Vision: From Pain To Hope


Vision can sound like an overwhelming word, especially in a culture today that tells you that it’s up to YOU to make something of yourself, and YOU must have a vision for your life. In recovery culture, vision is of utmost importance and is the first in our values system, but our vision is not solely dependent on being a better person or having a “try harder and you will get there” attitude. It is dependent on admitting we CANNOT “make ourselves” but we need help and guidance from our Higher Power and from healthy community that surrounds us. We were never designed to do this journey on our own; the vision was always to walk together. SAF Life is formed on the principles of servant-hood, personal recovery and community.

We spoke to one of our global staff members to hear his personal journey about vision; from pain to hope.

What has been your journey of recovery and how has being a part of SAF Life helped in this?

“Over the years my family and I have experienced serious hardship and heartbreak through health concerns and traumatic church experiences. As someone who has endured harrowing suffering and deep pain, I have been greatly blessed by a community that embraces the brokenhearted and provide a place of healing and restoration. Through our journey of personal recovery God has prepared us to minister with greater compassion and grace to others who have been hurt and broken and are experiencing despair and don’t have hope.

Ever since we have become a part of the SA community God has further equipped and shaped us to join and serve others on their journey of personal recovery.”

How do you view service or being a servant to the women we work with?

“Getting to know and walk alongside the women and children whom God has entrusted into our care has been immense privilege and blessing. Each woman and child has their own unique character and gifts, which the Spirit of God brings to the surface in a variety of ways – sometimes chaotically, often unexpectedly, and always with results that marvel us at God’s goodness, love and power.”

One of our desires as a community is to “love mercy, act justly and walk humbly with your God” Micah 6:8. How have you seen this here?

“I have learned like never before the great impact that acting justly and loving mercy and kindness can have upon a person and a community of people- an impact that is so powerful that it demolishes strongholds of evil that were considered unbreakable, an impact so far reaching that it can break cycles of abuse, generations old, bringing hope, restoration and wholeness previously unimagined. It has taught me something important about myself too, as a flawed human being – there’s hope for me too!”

What does freedom look like in your life?

“Freedom to me, especially since my involvement with SA is the seeking and finding joy in serving others and knowing Jesus’ promise of participating in the kingdom of heaven and having a taste and anticipation of its arrival every day.”

This is SAF Life! Join our community and know that you are so welcome here to share your life of liberty and your authentic struggles with us. What is freedom to you and how does that show in your life? Email to share your stories, your words of hope and your photos of life.



What is SAF Life?


SAF Life is our vibrant and hope filled community way of living.

We recognize that life is tough and can be isolating and lonely at times. We want to welcome all those who desire more authentic relationships, to a community full of committed champions, who know that the power of change is in the long term commitment and who make the decision to stay the course with those who are hurting. We love life and we want to celebrate the beauty that we get to witness daily, of transformation, of the power of love and hope leading to healing in an individual’s life and the ripple effect that has to our whole community. We want to share the highs and lows of working through personal recovery and how to be the messy, broken and beautiful people we are!

There is no hiding here; there is no need for masks to cover who we really are. We are unique creations, designed with reason and purpose and with a value to great to cover over. Don’t be anyone else but yourself, discover who you are, your values and principles by which you live and act, and the unlimited power there is in authenticity. Come as you are and journey with us.  Freedom looks different in each of our lives but we know that freedom is attractive; it is desired, it is worth the work and the pursuit. Freedom is possible for us all!!

Lets hear from a member of our community sharing about freedom:

 “Liberty to me means knowing that I belong and I am accepted for who I am, not for who I was previously trying to be. Once I stopped wearing the masks and stopped trying to find my worth in others I experienced true joy, which to me is freedom. My identity is rooted in someone much greater, more stable and more loving than I had ever experienced before…God! 

This community continues to show me that I am worthy, just as I am, and this freedom I have is something I want to extend to others…that  there is grace and hope for every person. I am committed to use my voice to show others that they are enough and that they are worthy of freedom. I believe each person I encounter has unlimited potential within, to love, to be a voice of hope and encouragement and to effect change in their lives and their communities. When you know who you truly are, you become free and release others to become free too. ~ A

Join our community and know that you are so welcome here to share your life of liberty and your authentic struggles with us. What is freedom to you and how does that show in your life? Email to share your stories, your words of hope and your photos of life

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